Well, after letting the domain name for gazel.la lapse I was faced with getting a new domain name. And with a new domain name comes new challenges, like updating the design of this blog with a mobile first design.

While I was at it I also deleted some old posts in which I no longer believe. Perhaps I was a bit naive when I wrote them.

Other changes I’ve made:

  • Delete facebook comments. I’ll change to Disqus some time in the future.
  • Delete POST, DELETE and PUT methods on the posts controller [1]
  • Delete entries which I no longer believe in or think are silly
  • Upgrade rails to 3.2.22

[1] So, I wrote previously that I want to roll some kind of cert solution to modifying posts. This actually already exists in the form of the heroku tool belt configured to use your .ssh private key.

With this I think no one will deface me, so… here’s the code. What you’re seeing here at the time of writing is what’s on the prod branch.

I’m not really good at making things look nice, so I got some valuable advice. And yes, comments such as:

  • Eye-cancer
  • Geocities throwback
  • Affront to decency
  • You’re obviously trolling us

drove me to try and get something a bit better. Of course in there, there was some constructive criticism too :-)

A big thanks to, in order of feedback given:

How do I shot post?


Instead of using rails at all to post. I simply generate a SQL script that I run as follows, while being in my source root linked to my heroku app:

cat src/main/resources/db/dev/migration/V2__Test_Data.sql | heroku pg:psql

With the file looking something like the following:

              VALUES (
              '2000-01-01 00:00:00.0000',
              '2000-01-01 00:00:00.0000',

With the site not dependent on a security key, we can go ahead and open source it. I’m working on a drop in replacement, written in Kotlin, Spring Boot and Ember, so I suspect this will be the last time that I make any significant update to the prod branch. You can check that out on the master branch.

While I realise that I can probably achieve what I want using something like Jekyll, I’m using this as my practice area for front-end development. I also have full control over what I can put in here for when I want to get fancy.

Additionally, my work life has not really given me the opportunity to do a lot of front end stuff, and I’d still like to keep my hand in it. Not that I’m complaining, though.

Let me know what you think (in the non-existent comments section).