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I Code Java 2016

I was very honoured to speak at the I Code Java 2016 conference held at the focus rooms on the 21st and 22nd of July.

DTOs with care

I want to talk about some basic stuff, but it’s something that I’ve seen a great deal in the wild. Badly designed data objects. Let’s take a sufficiently basic example:

A touch of style

Well, after letting the domain name for lapse I was faced with getting a new domain name. And with a new domain name comes new challenges, like updating the design of this blog with a mobile first design.

What to do when you have strayed from the path of the Test Driven Ninja

As mentioned in my previous posting: Security Art Brut, is protected by a tenuous thread - a pre shared key for editing content protected by an SSL connection. This pre shared key at the time of writing sits inside of a private git repository. Why the reason for the privacy? Well… the fact that the key is stored inside of git…

RIP: The Monolithic Blogpost 2012-2012

Despite what my (small) base of readers may think. I have not abandoned Instead, I have been preparing a “Tech Roundup” of stuff I’m excited about, with bite size examples of each. When I got to AngularJS I knew that I didn’t know enough to speak about it with authority… and so I did the tutorial on and off.

Coded in Braam: September 2012

On Saturday the first of September 2012 I spent the first part of a very lovely spring day at the ThoughtWorks South Africa offices in Braamfontein taking part in something called CodedInBraam. Coming into the offices I was greeted by ThoughtWorkers Rachel and Brain who immediately made me feel at ease.

Security: art brut

The one thing one should not use Ruby on Rails for is to build a blog; naturally, I used it to build a blog.